Managing Meetings

Cribbing about meetings is a non value added activity. Instead

1) Attend meetings only where there is a clear agenda, decision making triggers and clear outcomes. This should be articulated in the meeting invite. Track the number of meetings we attend and the ones we schedule without a well thought through agenda. It is like sailing on a ship without a destination and a compass.

2) Be clear about why you are being called for the meeting and how you can contribute to Point 1. Meetings are not a spectator sport, they use up a valuable resource : time. 2b) Prepare well for a meeting, expect preparation of others, do not continue if people are unprepared.

3) Number of people : If there are more than 4/5 people in a meeting, rule no 1 and 2 have been violated. Give the organiser feedback and ask more questions.

4) At the beginning of the meeting , give each other the permission to interrupt one another or agree that no one will talk for more than 2/4 minutes at a time

5) Take turns in keeping minutes of the meeting, a follow up email / bridge blog, assign accountabilities and deadlines and keep each other honest towards execution.

6) If any or all of the above get violated on a regular basis , assert yourself and politely refuse to attend, give feedback on why you are refusing you attend and help improve the way we work.

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