Forever skill No. 6: Be a kid

Noel Gray did a 2 hour session for us on how to read faster. He said something interesting " As children, you underline what you are reading with your forefinger and you say out loud what you are reading. Both these habits increase your speed. Funny how we stop good childhood habits because we think they look foolish" So keep the kid in you alive :

1. Run, fall, dust yourself, run again, fall again....

2. Be stubbornly unafraid of new things

3. Don't worry about what anyone thinks of you, how you look, sound, smell. ( ok the smell bit needs debate)

4. Refuse to get embarrassed about anyone or anything, especially yourself

5. Ask / howl for what you want, (kids know adults are not mind readers)

6. Use small, simple words

7. Hug ( ok ... yes ...virtually with emojis.. please be safe )

8. Chat with parents regularly

9. Have different friends and have a blast with all of them.

10. Play to win, lose to learn, play again

11. Run around

12. Sleep like you dont have a care in the world.


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