Forever Skill No 5 : Managing Politics

Forever Skill No 5 : Managing politics.

In office or at home, relationships and dynamics between people will impact you and what you can get done. Watch a teenager get permission from a parent : how they use their understanding of the dynamics between Mum and Dad. When you need the Risk Head and the Finance Head to agree on a business proposal if you do not understand the politics and the equations between your boss and all parties involved, you will run into some interesting weather. Now you have 3 options :

i) Be apolitical: Which means you don't play this game. You are good at your work & you let your apolitical reputation do the work for you

ii) Be politically smart : Be aware of people's positions on issues, their relationships with others, understand them, use them to get the outcome you need

iii) Be a chameleon, be both i) or ii) depending on the people involved and situation.

Each option comes with a price tag.

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