Forever Skill No 2 : Count 10

I know this sounds weird but here are all the times in life I wish I had done it:

1. When my husband and I closed the door to our new home without the correct new house key in our pockets, to go and receive IKEA, downstairs!

2. When an interviewer asked me a question and I started bumbling my way into a quick reply

3. When my mom irritated me with her advice and I snapped back a sarcastic response.

4. When I hastily typed an eloquent and angry email in reply to a colleague who had sent a rude email

5. When in a meeting instead of saying I don't know or I am not sure, I proceeded to pretend I do know and ended up looking like a cat who had played with a ball of wool!

There are crises in life that do warrant quick reflexes but they are very, very few in number.

So the next time when head hurtles headlong at break neck speed, let the number 10 pop up in your head and slow down your breathing, you will end up taking a better quality decision.

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