Forever Skill No 1: Influence without authority

credits Robert Cialdini

Likability You don't get influenced by anyone you don't like. Be likeable.

Reciprocity: if someone does something for you (and you are well brought up) you will return the favour.

Authority : not direct but credibility that comes from who you are, what you know and what you can do and who you know

Scarcity: given the current context see how scarce sanitizers drive action

Consistency: if you say what you think and do what you say you will have a better chance of influencing

Consensus: you will do what people like you do. that explains the current toilet paper jazz.

If you have 10 min go to

If you have 10 days read the book Robert Cialdini's the Psychology of Persuasion.

Anyone with official authority can get things done it's the one who do things without authority who are admirable magicians.

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