Culture detractor Alert! Taking credit for someone else's work or idea

I have come across the following ( please note this is my version, it is not an absolute truth, it is how I feel, there will be another side to the story)

1) In a call I gave an idea. Person A 15 minutes later repeated the idea. In the summation done by Person C, the Person B who repeated the idea was attributed with the credit for the idea. Left me feeling a tad bad:(

2) In another case Person X takes all the credit for the work done by Person Y and presents it as if Person X has done all the work, not mentioning Person Y at all!

3) Person D does all the spadework, Person E sends an email to lots of people with Person D's work without giving the credit to Person D

I know that some of these things are unknowingly done but hang on, people are complaining that visibility is all important in this complex and networked world. So knowingly or unknowingly you / I cannot take the credit for someone else's work! If you / I are senior then it is even more important to be generous.

For what it is worth, what do you think happens to the discretionary effort people put in when this happens? When they feel shortchanged? What happens to the engagement scores?

Be secure enough about who you are / I am and value that you / I bring not only to not to take credit that belong's to someone else but to generously give it where it belongs.

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